Skirt Patterns

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Skirt Patterns

Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: For more accurate stitching and more comfortable sewing, position your sewing machine, if possible, so
that you’re sitting right in front of the needle, instead of centered with your sewing machine with the needle off
to one side.

Tip #2: When stitching heavy denim fabrics, use a special denim or jeans sewing machine needle. The thicker
shaft and sharper point of this needle can pierce through layers of thick denim easily and without breaking.

Tip #3: Problem: There’s a crease down the middle of your length of fabric that won’t press out and you have
pattern pieces that need to be placed on the fold line. Solution: Instead of folding your fabric in half lengthwise
where the selvages meet at the top, fold the top and bottom halves of your fabric so that the selvages meet in
the center. Then you can lay your fabric pieces along either the top or bottom folded edge (as long as the
patterns pieces aren’t too wide).