Stretches for lower back pain

We know that exercise, aerobics or stretches are good to keep us fit and in shape. People with back pain can adopt a routine for some stretches which can help them get relief from back pain. On a long run these stretches can save you from chronic back pain conditions.
These simple stretches can be done at bed either in the morning or at night.

  1.  First thing in the morning: Take a moment to lie on your stomach will help to stretch your back and decompress disks. Just put a flat pillow or towel under your chest, which will allow your head and neck to relax down toward the bed. You could also turn your head to the side. If you need support for your low back, place a pillow under your abdomen.
  2. Sit in the middle of the bed, legs straight out in front of you. Then, from the hips up, pivot to the right as far as you reasonably can. Now lie back. You should be shaped like a boomerang, mate. And you will feel a profound “pulling” sensation in your lower back, hip and upper leg. Relax and stay in that position for five minutes by the clock. Repeat the process to the left.
  3. Lie across the bed face down. Put your feet over the edge and grab the mattress with your toes. While keeping your feet together, pivot your upper body to the right as far as comfortable. You now will look like the other side of a boomerang. Using your arms, give it an extra stretch further to the right and hold it for a minute or two. Relax, and repeat for the left side.
  4. Hurdle stretches:  Sit cross legged wearing loose fitting clothing. Extend one leg out at a natural 45 degree angle from your hips. Reach down that leg as far as you are able, drop your head, and reach a bit further. If you manage to reach your ankles, grab them and relax. If you can’t, grab what part of your leg that you can, and relax. Hold with a slight stretch for the count of 25. Repeat with the other leg.
  5. If you’re prone to tight hips and low-back pain, do the following stretch before bed: Lie on your back on your bed with your butt at the edge of the mattress, legs dangling off. Keeping your back flat, pull your left knee towards your chest, letting your right hip drop. Deepen the stretch by tightening your right glute. Hold 20 to 30 seconds. Switch sides. Perform three times per side.

More tips: Use a good, firm but not hard mattress.
Try regular practice yoga postures. Practice of yoga postures can help you manage back pain.

Note: Consult a medical, osteopathic or chiropractic doctor before proceeding with any other self-care approaches.