Fire Safety Week!

This week, our first FULL week in October.  We decided to have our Fire Safety Week!

Everyone had a lot of fun learning about 911, Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll, and making firetrucks, and our Parents REALLY loved our Fire Dog Picture Frame! What’s a picture frame without a picture!!??

This is what we did this week! :)

FIRST, we had to get everyone’s picture!! Sometimes, this can be a big task. ¬†It seems some of our kiddos were sick at the first of the week, some at the end of the week, and one didn’t come to school this week, for she was just having some Mommy Time! ¬†We will have to make up picture frames for three kiddos next week. But, it won’t take too long that we won’t have time to do what we’re suppose to do! :) ¬†We have also managed two days in a row to get outside for an hour to enjoy some beautiful Fall/Summer Georgia weather!!

The first thing we did on Monday, was our Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll T-Shirts. ¬†We used red, yellow, and orange paint to create the fire on our shirts. ¬†We folded the shirts in half creating a sort of “ink blot” We had the kiddos color the words which included Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll. ¬†This was a free standing craft. One version of this was found in a “Mailbox” Magazine many years ago. Fire Safety Week! Our next craft, we made a smoke detector. ¬†I forgot to take a picture of our craft this week, so I used one from last year. ¬†This year, we just bingo dabbed a nose for the smoke detector using a black dabber. ¬†On the back of the smoke detector, I always write a little note to mom and dad to not forget to check their batteries to the real smoke detectors in their home. ¬†:) Fire Safety Week! Fire Safety Week! For Wednesday, we started on our Fire Dog Picture Frames. ¬†By now, I have most of the pictures taken and headed out Wednesday morning before school to get them developed!! I think I went to two different CVS Stores to discover their machines were down, to end up at Rite-Aid! This year, we used the black dabber for spots, in the past we have used fingerprints. The firetruck in the picture is just a pop up tent. Fire Safety Week! We had the children create a shapes firetruck. I found the clipart on ¬†Attached the Barney Song, “Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck”! Fire Safety Week! Fire Safety Week! Last but not least, we talked about 911. ¬†We crumpled up some birthday streamer paper and had the children fill in the 9-1-1. ¬†We have in the past used red, yellow, and orange. ¬†This year we decided to go with the red and yellow. ¬†The song was taught to me by a parent, many moons ago. ¬†I am sure it could be found on the internet as well. ¬†I have found the streamer paper is a little more vibrant than tissue paper. ¬†Of course either would be fine. You could even use construction paper. ¬†We wanted something different from paint, crayons, and bingo dabbers, so we went with the streamers! Fire Safety Week! Fire Safety week has come to a close. ¬†Next week we will have a week of Manners!