Under the Kitchen Sink Organization


The newest addition to the space are these labels I made with my Silhouette, for the trash can and recycle bin.  People are always asking me which one is for the trash and which is for the recycling, so I though the labels would make it easier for guests to know which is which.

Behind the trash cans are where I store the trash bags and dish soap.  I love the huge “jug” of all-natural dish soap they sell at Costco, it’s only $7.99 and it lasts me over a year!

To the left of the trash cans is a basket that holds all my essential kitchen cleaning items.  This basket is where I store my brushes for washing dishes, rubber gloves, dishwasher detergent, kitchen sink sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Keeping everything in this basket makes it easily accessible and keeps the items organized.

Behind my basket of essentials is where I store paper and plastic shopping bags.  There is a random copper pipe that cuts through the cupboard so I use it to hold my paper bags near the wall and I use a basket, from the Dollar section of Target, to hold all the plastic bags.  I only keep enough bags to fill the basket, after that they get tossed because there’s no reason to keep them.  If I’m honest with myself there’s no reason I’ll ever need that many plastic bags.

On the door of the cupboard I used a Command hook to hold our scrub brush.  This is something we use quite often so I wanted it to be easily accessible.

Here’s what under the kitchen sink looks like when everything is put away.  It’s definitely a cramped space but it’s clean and organized and everything I need is easily accessible.


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