Simple way to get more cucumbers

When a cucumber is taken from the vine let it be cut with a knife, leaving about an eighth of an inch of the cucumber on the stem, then slit the stem with the knife from its end to the vine leaving a small portion of the cucumber on each division and on each separate slip there will be a new cucumber as large as the first.

Simple way to get more cucumbers

I actually came across a little trick last night had a double your cucumber output or production so I’m going to show you a little trick today now bear with me I’m I’m a gardener I’m not a not a not a cameraman so bear with me I’m gonna I’m gonna do this real quick and then show you the show you a little way to do it so bear with me okay so I cut my cucumber off the vine here and hold that where you can see it I actually cut it and left about a quarter of an inch on the vine supposed to I was actually told an eighth of an inch but I kind of got didn’t get it quite close but anyway what you do is you cut it off and you split that line for that growth point all the way back up to the vine now if this this experiment like I said experiment works out right you should be able to grow two cucumbers out of this growth point so I’ll do an update later on and let you know how it goes right now I’m just trying to see if it actually works and I figured I’d keep you involved with it actually got this off of media maker 2000 so I’ll go ahead and leave a link so you can see his videos and see where actually got the idea from so there you go if you want to try it there’s the information have a great day

How to Grow More Cucumbers Per Plant

I think one of the best parts about having a backyard garden is kind of getting surprised every time you come home and finding something is ready to be harvested so just to show you you know I got this nice big cucumber here I just got home from work and I get to harvest this big guy and throw them into my dinner or whatever my salad it’s pretty awesome and I’m really looking forward to expanding this garden and just coming home and I mean just to show you I mean these things are growing all over the place and cucumbers I’ve learned grow really fast I mean so this guy here he looks pretty smallish a like my hand by comparison but I mean he’ll turn into that size probably within a week and then he’ll turn into something like this guy you know probably a week later and you know these starter cucumbers like this they’re hanging all over the place I didn’t realize how much these things grow I was checking on the garden of the day and I saw this bumblebee just going from flower to flower pollinating all these guys that’s also something to remember you need the flowers to be pollinated in order for them to turn into you know startling cucumbers here so if you don’t have bumblebees one thing you can do is you can get a q-tip and just kind of gently you know go inside the flower here with the q-tip and just go flower to flower doing that you know just for like a second you know on each flower and you know over time they’ll all start turning into cucumbers now that will happen naturally on its own too through wind and insects and things like that but if you really want them all to start budding cucumbers you know you can sort of speed up the process by manually pollinating them yourself with a q-tip so that’s my tip of the day for you I hope you’re enjoying it hope you’re enjoying your garden this year take care bye you


we were going to show you how to prune and clip our pepper plants but they’re still not ready yet so we’re going to tackle these cucumber plants and as you can see morning good morning Hayley Dailey is kind of hidden behind them they’re growing so huge so what we are going to do is show you exactly how to prune your cucumber so you get the best production possible here we have these are slicing cucumbers and then we have where are they down here are the English if I can find them oops they’re getting way out of control so here’s the English you can see how long they are getting that’s beautiful and with the sunshine we finally have sunshine maybe they will produce more and then we have our pickling cucumbers down this row so we’ll get to it and show you exactly how to do this all right so here we have are you nice and close just so that they can really see so on each cucumber you have your your node which is the main the main stock then you have your fruit you have your tendril you have your leaf and then you have a growth point so this growth point we want to get rid of you only want to keep the fruit on each one and then these have not flown it just these are easy to pinch off when they’re oh they’re like a strawberry they’re like a sucker oh and I just got rid of the fruit oh so you want to make sure you don’t do that those are easy to pinch with your nail but as we go down so we have a tendril a fruit a leaf this pen this growth point was way too too big so we want to get rid of back home house yeah we should have done this earlier so down here this is like way out of control so here again you have your fruit your tendril your growth this is a growth point which is producing everything we want to get rid of that stuff you want to get rid of all this foliage and then just keep this this main leaf and enter here again we will do it again because so you have your main leaf your Kendrell your fruit and this is the growth point so that’s just going to expose everything and our production will be way better so now down here we have two fruit a leaf and that’s a growth point we’re going to take off and this a leaf Kendrell growth point it’s it gets confusing when you have so many of them because they should have been done way before so there’s okay there’s a baby one so we have to continue doing this all the way every actually every day we have to come down and do this now not looks much better without all this hiding everything so we’re going to continue doing this on all the plants in this greenhouse the front of this one and up above and we’ll show you so maybe maybe children down there just to give them an idea of what shouldn’t be now it shouldn’t be you shouldn’t have your cucumbers going into your aisle so all this has to go and we’ll get to that after we’re done we will show you exactly what what we’ve done and you’ll you’ll see the difference and by the way in my intro I have geese flying above my throat oh it’s a beautiful sunny morning I’m going to take these bees like what clear perfect opportunity so it’s very unstable because one pooped on me and I forgot to mention two we buy all our seeds from Johnny feeds and this variety of cucumber because it’s in the greenhouses and restraining them they’re called indeterminate as opposed to be determinate which the indeterminant meaning they will keep growing up and keep reducing croup determinate are the ones that we have like bush pickles in the patio clock or loan planning cucumbers that you see that don’t grow very tall her determinate these are industry so just wanted to mention ok we are done and i have to talk loud because we have to whipper snippers going beside the green hose so there we are we have it all prune now we can see our cucumbers starting our english all so by the end of the week cucumbers grow so quickly that by the end of the week you will have Hickling slicing and english there’s one you splicing out didn’t even know was there we’ll just started pruning these are all coming along nicely and we’ll have cucumbers all the way up here’s a better shot of where Hayley had taken the shot before you saw our pathway is now clear and we’ll just continue taking those growth points off and eventually taking off some bottom leaves which we will show you at another time as well and this is what we love to see beautiful bees doing their job and this is the pile of growth points that we took off just from these two rows of cucumbers so that’s that’s really going to help hard to even see there’s there’s a big pile there and that’s it good job Hayley I’m going to show you for today in the greenhouse you and Hayley Gillies watering our tomato plants but I think what I’m going to do is bring them down to show them the blueberries alright so here are our blueberry bushes these are a high Bush variety so these will grow anywhere from four to six feet tall which make very easy picking I think these are in their eighth year so eight eight years is basically a prime prime time for picking so I’m just going to try to get close here and you can see there’s going to be a ton of berries now most of the blossoms have fallen off and they haven’t whipper snipper through here and I have shorts on I’m not walking through the long grass because there’s snakes so we have two acres of these they go right down to the highway here and then they go great in front of the side tunnel down below so we are open come July we’re open for pick-your-own and yeah so I just thought I’d share that with you and I think that’s going to be it for today so I hope you all have a fantastic day enjoy the sunshine and we will see you in a couple days you

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