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5-Minute Healthy DIY Trail Mix with low-carb, stevia-sweetened chocolate chips!

Make a healthy snack choice with this sweet and salty trail mix. A great no bake snack mix, this is a perfect recipe on the go. Loaded up with nuts and dried fruits, this clean eating snack is a great sweet snack and also a salty snack. Put some in you and your kids’ lunches or have some on hand for a vegetarian snack after work or school. Goes together in minutes with minimal effort. #healthysnacks #snackmix #trailmix Whip up this healthy homemade trail mix recipe in a flash! Perfect for kids, for parties, for work, or as gifts you’ll love this easy sweet and salty, yummy snack. Vegan ingredients and great proteins from the nuts; it’s the perfect quick, DIY trail mix idea!