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Dried Fruit Decorations

Dried Fruit Decorations -   Christmas Craft Tutorials

It’s very easy to dry the fruit yourself. Instructions for how did this are here, How to Dry Citrus Fruit.

All you do is thread the fruit onto twine, cord or raffia and decorate with bows. You might also like to add pine cones or cinnamon sticks.

Putting the holes in before you dry the fruit makes the whole thing a lot easier! Full instructions can be found here, How to Make Dried Fruit Decorations.

If you have a bit more time (and a bit more fruit!), you could make a garland in a similar way. Instructions for a garland using just dried fruit, raffia and ribbon can be found here, Fruit Garland and Decorations. Dried Fruit Decorations -   Christmas Craft TutorialsThere are instructions for making a garland using dried fruit and pine cones here, How to Make a Pine Cone Garland. Dried Fruit Decorations -   Christmas Craft Tutorials

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