Free Veil Patterns

Free Veil Patterns

Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: Purchase an extra button or two for your project and sew it to the inside of your finished garment (you
may have seen this in better ready-to-wear garments). This way, if you lose a button, you’ll have an exact
replacement handy.

Tip #2: When working with meshes, eyelets, and loose-weave fabrics, use straight pins with larger heads, which
won’t slip through these fabrics the way a smaller pin head can.

Tip #3: If there’s a crease down the middle of your yardage that you can’t press out and you have pattern
pieces that need to be placed on the fold line, try this layout: Fold the top half of your fabric down and the
bottom half up so that the selvedges meet in the middle. Then you can lay your pattern pieces along either the
top or bottom fold, avoiding the crease.

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Free Veil Patterns