Jacket Patterns

Jacket Patterns

Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: To lengthen a pattern, fill the gap with graph paper instead of plain paper. Lay the cut edges of your
pattern pieces against the horizontal lines and lay the grain line arrow of each piece against the vertical lines.

Tip #2: To make scissor cutting easier, wipe the lint build-up from your scissor blades with a clean, soft cloth
after every few cuts. This way, your scissors will cut more smoothly and it’ll be easier on your hands.

Tip #3: To determine how large to make a buttonhole, measure the diameter and thickness of your button and
add these two measurements. Or, measure the diameter of your button and add about 1/8”. Test this buttonhole
length by cutting a slit this size in a scrap of your fabric and passing your button through it, making sure it has
just enough, but not too much room to pass through. You can also sew a couple of test buttonholes in a scrap
of your fabric before making the final buttonholes in your finished item.

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