Handmade soaps are so easy to make!

Handmade soaps are so easy to make! See how to create your very first batch just in time for the holidays. Handmade soaps make great gifts!

Making your own soap is one of the most satisfying DIY projects you can do. It’s healthy, it’s luxurious, it’s affordable, and homemade soaps make wonderful gifts! The “Cold Process” method of soap making starts with combining lye and water to create a “lye solution”. The solution needs to drop below 125 degrees before mixing it with oils which results in a chemical reaction called “saponification”, creating the substance we call soap! After that, you add your scents, exfoliants and all that other fancy deliciousness to personalize your bars to your heart’s content! Check out my full blog post for an extensive (but easy to follow!) tutorial for beginners that includes a “Beginner’s Recipe” using oils you can easily find at the grocery store! Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Canola Oil are some of the affordable and moisturizing ingredients you can use to make a great batch of soap! I predict that you will fall in love with soap making and never turn back to store-bought!

A completed batch of Cold Process soap ready to cure!

The stages of soap mixing — “reaching trace”.

Poured soap ready to harden overnight before cutting!

CP soap Turmeric Carrot Eczema Soap

I love making soap Hot Process and Cold Process (my Favorite). I have been making soap for 23 years. All kinds overs the years. My favorite is my detox soap for daily use. I make a special soap for eczema. Most recent a new friend using my formulated soap, is now free from the problems. She told her doctor and he said the soap was what is helping her, not the medicine due to being his patient for years with repeated prescriptions. I make it with carrot, turmeric, sesame oil and a few extra skin helpers for healing. and as always s mineral salts for detox.