Mac Eyeshadow Swatches: Light Neutrals

I picked another 20 Mac colors to swatch that I thought (almost) belonged in the same eyeshadow category: light neutrals. They are sooo pretty!

I primed my hand with eyeshadow primer so the colors would come out more vibrant. I just wanted to make one note though, I have literally piled on the colors on my hand! Some of these colors, like Soft Brown will look nothing like this on your eye, because you would obviously blend it into a nice soft shade. – So just keep that in mind if you think some colors look really intense!
Blending is key and you can make even black appear to be a soft color! ;)

(Flash and no flash pictures)

1st (top) row: Retrospeck, Warming Trend, Soba, Cork (great for brown eyebrows)
2nd row: Era, Kid, Malt
3rd row: Phloof!, Naked Lunch, Jest
4th row: Blanc Type, Grand Entrance (holy grail!), Omega (great for blond eyebrows)

Must-haves in my opinion:
1st row: Cork
2nd row: Kid or Malt, Soft Brown
3rd row: Phloof!, Naked Lunch, All that Glitters
4th row: Blanc Type, Omega

Stay away from, in my opinion:
1st row: Retrospeck
3rd row: Gleam
4th row: Forgery, Filament.
What they all have in common is that they are a luster finish and very gritty!!! Some luster eyeshadows are great (like Tempting), but these ones aren’t!. No color payoff and major fall-out.

Colors that are LE are most likely sold out, but very often you can get them on Ebay or a local CCO (cosmetic company outlet).
LE colors from these swatches:
Warming trend and Grand Entrance.

This is my hand in sunlight! Notice how every shimmery color just seem to be the same!



Eyes On MAC Solar Glow Times Nine Eyeshadow Palett...

Eyes On MAC Solar Glow Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette Solar Glow Times Nine


  1. Frosty metallic hues. Veluxe pearl, lustre and frost textures.
  2. Shades: Moon Rock (VLXP), Copper Aura (Lustre), Blackberry (Matte), Sugared (Lustre), Quarry (Matte), Metalmauve (Frost), Cosmic (Frost), Soot (Velvet), Lunar Cycle (Frost).
  3. Can be worn wet or dry. Non-acnegenic. 0.8 g each net weight.

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Mac Eyeshadow Swatches: Light Neutrals