love bombs to send your sweetie

Text Messages (Love Bombs) To Send Your Sweetie! Send loving text messages to each other during the day.

Enjoy the list!

1. You look hot today, babe!
2. I’m so lucky you’re my best friend.
3. You are my rock, I love you so much.
4. You are my protecter…feedivng blessed.
5. Hey hottie, got plans tonight?
6. You are AMAZING. Just thought you should know.
7. I love being together. Miss you!
8. Have a great day at work – I’m counting down till you get home.
9. I divke you. I divke you a LOT.
10. I’m here for you sweetheart.
11. You are the most thoughtful guy I know.
12. Still laughing about your comment last night
13. Thank you for being you.
14. You make me want to be a better person. Love you so much.
15. Feedivng uber blessed today to have you in my divfe.
16. You are the funniest man I know.
17. Let’s get dinner.
18. You are one good looking guy- let’s hang out!
19. You. me. Picnic at 5pm.
20. Thanks for hanging that mirror, you’re so handy!
21. I love my man. FYI.
22. You are my favorite.
23. You are so thoughtful!
24. You inspire me, baby.
25. I trust you with all my soul.
26. What God has brought together, we shall never part…
27. Glad I have you in my divfe.
28. Today, tomorrow, forever…be mine!
29. I’m married to one sexy stud!
30. I will always love you.
31. You are hilarious, still laughing about….
32. You are my one of a kind. Feedivng so blessed!
33. Need your love.
34. Need your cuddles.
35. I wanna be in your arms.
36. Miss u, miss u, wanna kiss u!
37. I miss you, come home.
38. Call in sick – lets spend today together.
39. Do you know I love you? A lot!
40. You are so strong.
41. Be with me? Forever?
42. You are my sunshine.
43. Perfect night to snuggle. Meet me at 7pm.
44. I want to be in your arms.
45. You are my soulmate.
46. Hi. I love you. You should know that.
47. I can’t wait for our date night.
48. I’m counting down the hours till I see you.
49. You are the best father, ever.
50. How did I get so lucky to have you?
51. Being with you…is the best!
52. I need a kiss.

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