Weight Loss Drinks

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Aloe Vera Juice

Weight Loss Drinks We talked about the great benefits of aloe vera before, and when it comes to weight loss, aloe vera juice is the perfect secret weapon.

Obesity Research & Practice published a study that examined what would happen when obese rats were given plant sterols found in aloe vera over the course of 35 days. The results showed the rats’ body composition actually improved.

And what about in humans?

A smaller study using obese participants who already had diabetes or were considered prediabetic were given a placebo or an aloe vera gel complex over the course of eight weeks. Those who consumed the aloe vera “lost more weight and body fat than those not given this supplement”.

But before you go rushing off to buy all the aloe vera you can find, there is one thing to consider.

Aloe vera is a natural laxative, which may seem great for weight loss, but can actually cause an unhealthy loss of fluids and electrolytes.

Plus, some users have reported adverse effects such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps, so it’s best to go easy on this one.