Weight Loss Drinks

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Weight Loss Drinks We all know that we should be drinking lots of water each day, yet many of us still fail to do so.

Whether that’s due to the lack of taste or the frequent trips to the bathroom, your love/hate relationship with water has to end, especially if weight loss is your goal.

I’ve already discussed the fact that a mere 17 fl oz of water can boost your metabolism by as much as 30% over the course of 90 minutes, but if you’re not convinced yet, here’s one more reason for you.

Participants in this study who drank approximately 17 fl oz of water before each meal enjoyed a 44% increase in weight loss over the course of 12 weeks!

I don’t know about you, but over 40% weight loss could mean all the difference in shedding those last few unwanted pounds without changing your diet or exercise habits. I’m all for this one small change.

The key is to drink water throughout the day instead of chugging it all at once before a meal. In fact, I’d space out your 17 fl oz to about 20 minutes before your meal so you’re not too full to eat and wind up hungry later.