Weight Loss Drinks

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Lemon Water

Weight Loss Drinks Ok, now that we got the all-important water convo out of the way, let’s get down to business.

I know water can be bland and unappealing. After you’ve downed almost half your weight in the stuff, forcing yourself to drink more can be a major challenge. That’s why the next few drinks, including lemon water, are a lifesaver.

Instead of reaching for sugar-filled fizzy sodas, opt for lemon water whenever you need a flavor boost.

During your meals, lemon water will help your body digest what you’re about to eat, and it also helps boost your metabolism long after you’ve finished eating.

Lemon water will not lead to direct weight loss, rather, it will help combat unwanted bloating that makes us uncomfortable in our clothes in the first place.

Who wouldn’t want that after lunchtime?

No more uncomfortable afternoon meetings or late night dinners where you’re too full to go to bed (which, by the way, is a bad idea altogether; you should leave room for digestion before you hit the sack).

And if you start your day with lemon water, you’ll be in even better shape.

By adding a fresh squeeze of lemon to warm water as soon as you wake up, you’ll be jumpstarting your metabolism and your digestion, which are both essential when it comes to weight loss.

I’d even argue that lemon water is better than a morning coffee fix since you’re not left as dehydrated as coffee can make you.